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Wood Species



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table styles

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Our materials are the essence of what we create, and we go to great lengths to source distinctive, seasoned and, when possible, salvaged lumber to assure character and sustainability. These are the species we generally offer, but feel free to contact us with a special request.

Stains + Finishes

Lorimer Studios offers a custom line of stains and finishes based on historic precedent but adapted for contemporary living. We offer a wide range of rich colors that enhance the natural beauty of wood. We can also create a custom blend or match any wood sample. The stain colors below are demonstrated on pine, but reach out to us if you want to see what they might look like on other wood species.

TaBle styles: legs + Bases

We offer a variety of table styles to fit any aesthetic, from contemporary to rustic. We cast our own legs from scrap and recycled iron, poured into the original 19th C. maple molds of the Adams Bros. Mfg. Co of Rhode Island. We offer custom metalwork out of tube steel, and of course, custom woodwork! Below are some of our favorite designs, but be sure to check out our gallery to see the full range of what we can build for you.

CUstomizations + Additions

Add character and functionality to your table, or build benches and side tables to complete your space. Contact us to discuss your options.

Company boards are a super easy way to make your table extendable. Watch as founder and designer, David Ellison, demonstrates how they work. When not in use, the support poles completely disappear under the table, and the boards can be stored away until they're needed.

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With Lorimer Studios, you are not limited to square tables and square legs. We can build round tables, oval tables, or any other shape you need for your home or restaurant. Contact us to find out more!

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Extension tables are another favorite of ours. Not only can you make your dining table longer to accommodate more guests for special occasions, but you can also use it as a side or buffet table.

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Butterflies are a traditional woodworking technique used to prevent cracking and wood movement over time. Butterflies, also known as bowties, can be made out of either metal or wood. Although they are rarely necessary, they can be always added for form or function.

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Add flair to your table by making it a Live Edge tabletop. We use natural wood slabs and keep the organic shape of the edges. Live edge tables are great for statement pieces or for spaces that pay homage to nature. Because every slab is unique, so is every live edge table.

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Ask us about building a bench to complement your new custom table. They are great for seating kids or in communal settings. We offer them in a variety of styles and shapes, and can build to order in any size.

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If you are looking for a unique console table, sofa table, coffee table, or end table, then we would love to work with you. No table is too small, and we welcome your design ideas. 


Metal turnbuckles can be added to any table that uses our Rhode Island legs. Although the Rhode Island legs are perfectly stable on their own, the threaded rod and antique turnbuckle add to the overall industrial look.

Solid wood is beautiful and durable, but it is also an organic material that needs proper care and attention.

Here are some guidelines to help you do just that.


  • Upon receiving your table, please treat it carefully for a few days as it conditions and acclimates to its new home environment.

  • Use trivets and coasters for all hot items, such as pots and kettles right off the stove. Do not place these hot items directly on the tabletop, or marks may appear.

  • To clean your table, use a damp cloth or sponge, and wipe dry with a soft cloth. As needed, you may use a mild soap. Do not use:

      • Abrasive cleaners or sponges

      • Solvents or harsh chemicals

      • Quick cleaning wipes

      • Products containing ammonia or silicone

      • Any of these may leave a film or otherwise deteriorate the finish.

  • Avoid placing your table near heating vents, fireplaces, or wood stoves. To ensure that the wood does not expand or contract too suddenly, avoid extreme changes in temperature and moisture, which can damage the furniture. Cracks that result from extreme humidity and temperature changes may not be considered a manufacturing defect. All solid wood furniture is subject to minor surface cracks, which often resolve themselves as the season changes.

  • Wood has a tendency to darken and age over time. This will be more noticeable on lighter woods and sun-sensitive woods like cherry. Avoid direct sunlight, as the UV radiation will affect the wood and the finish. If the room is sunny, do not leave objects on the table for extended periods, or the area underneath may end up a different color than the rest of the table.

  • We use a scratch-resistant finish, but one should still be careful not to drag any rough objects across the surface. If the table gets scratched, this will be especially noticeable on a dark finish. Superficial scratches can be remedied using crayon, marker, or shoe polish in a matching color.